The makerdao voting contract

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Technical retro makerdao voting contracts vulnerability.

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The makerdao voting contract

In both our asset listing process and before any internal use of smart contracts, we put a number of safety measures in place, one of which is requiring a security review of all production smart contracts. Today well look into makerdao voting process and recover the complete state of the governance contract.

Technical retro remediating the vulnerability in makerdao.

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This locked mkr is then what is used to vote with using the designated hot wallet, without it leaving the secure voting contract. For governance voting, this doesnt mean any direct changes to the system, but often an acceptance to change something within makerdao, the risk team or the foundation.

As part of our project to integrate makerdao voting directly with our cold storage system, we built a custom voteproxy smart contract. You are not in danger of losing your mkr if you own one of the 190 addresses who have staked mkr in the current makerdao governance voting contract, but you are advised to move your mkr out of the old contract and back into your personal wallet immediately.

Notice critical update to governance voting contract.

This post provides details about the voting proxy contract that is being used in the dapp for the governance vote about the foundational principles for maker. While makerdao holders are reported not to be in danger of losing their mkr, they are advised to move their mkr from the contract into their personal wallets immediately on may 6, 2019, the maker foundation, the firm behind the makerdao stable coin, has disclosed that it has found out a critical issue in its governance voting contract.

Locked mkr is mkr which you have transferred from your designated cold wallet into the voting contract. For executive voting, we do not use time limited votes, instead we use approval voting.

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