Bitcoin shorts reach

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Bitcoin shorts reach all-time highs during low market.

The last time the number of shorts for bitcoin (btc) was this high, we witnessed a massive short squeeze which liquidated a large number of short positions and hurt the bears badly. Bitcoin shorts reached all-time highs on bitmex and other exchanges which offer derivatives.

Bitcoin shorts reach

That said, a phenomenon called a short-squeeze could score a savvy trader a tidy profit. Interestingly enough, the drop was sudden, plummeting from 23,000 btc open positions to below 17,000 open positions in a quick sudden drop.

Bitcoin price short-term analysis is btc to reach 4,500.

Kill bitcoin and. I was sure that bitcoin was going down because until yesterday shorts were falling off the cliff.

Bitcoin shorts reach

An oft-ignored, yet blaring feature of the cryptocurrency markets is the trading. Loom network and tron.

University starts accepting bitcoin. Despite calls for a short squeeze since bitcoin and ethereum reached local lows around 3600 and 105 on november 25th, the number of short positions opened for both bitcoin and ethereum have reach all time high levels.

Squeeze coming? Bitcoin short positions reach yearly low.

On september 1st, a notable 10,000 btc short position was opened, bringing bitcoin short positions back near their all-time high as bitcoin shows relative stability in the low 7,000s. Bitcoin has continued to plunge since january 2018, with no respite in sight.

Bitcoin short positions have suddenly dropped to their yearly lows on cryptocurrency exchange bitfinex. Bitcoin (btc) is now at a critical point as bitcoin shorts reach all time high as can be seen on the daily chart above for btcusdshorts.

For those looking to sell short bitcoin, to earn a profit when its price falls, there are a few options available to you.